Monday, October 17, 2005

Prayer of St. Francis Xavier

I stand in awe
bold and awake
ready to spring like frog
secure that I have nothing
but the will to go on.
I started with a dying
of wanting to fly to the end
but reaching nothing
except confusion.
I reached into the hollow
to fill in the gap;
I ran a good run
amidst the stumbling and the grumbling
to accompany
the Other who beckons me
not with comfort nor promises of heaven
but with an open heart
that wills me to be there beside.
Nothing else desiring
except to be there
beside the One.
Even if I wallow on my own
I walk
following the broken road
stepping upon broken glass
I get comfort in his company.

Nothing changes;
Love remains.

Mandala 2

For the music of the soul is touched
by the rhythm of wings
flowing deep into the heart
of the one who listens.

For the gentleness of peace is grasped
by the hand that trembles
in love and fear
burned by embers of blue waters.

For time locks itself in a clock
yet is held by nothing -
racing towards eternity
in the eternal hand.

I therefore ride on
the chariot of the burdened souls,
freed at last by a dying and living,
toward the Eternal.


Narrow path of forest-green pebbles
brushes through the soles of my feet -
red and calloused.
Boxed in a small room, empty,
darkened by the leaves of time
colored by tears tearing
the walls of a wisened face,
of an already-broken heart.
light and free,
I laugh my heart out.
In my solitude.
In silence.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep...


dayon kamo sa kamingaw sa payag. ug paminawa ang huyuhoy sa kahilom.